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Lease Purchase - What You Need to Know

The bottom line is that Lease Purchase agreements are the worst possible way to attempt to buy a truck. I have never met anyone who said they successfully bought their truck through a Lease Purchase program.

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Posted by Joel on May 23, 2017 | Business of Trucking

How to be Profitable Owning a Truck

W. Joel Baker W. Joel Baker

David sent me a message that is all to common for new truck owners. His concern is how to be profitable owning a truck.

"How did you manage to make a profit? It seems as…

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Posted by Joel on Jun 03, 2016 | Business of Trucking

Financing Your Truck


Financing your truck is not as hard as you think. The hard part is getting an interest rate you are comfortable with. Most used truck dealerships have financing companies that are easy to work with and will get you into a truck. However…

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Posted by Joel on Jun 21, 2015 | Business of Trucking, Financing