As I frequently do, I have learned another lesson the hard way.  All oil By-Pass filters are NOT equal.  About 8 years ago I purchased the FS2500 oil By-Pass filter from Filtration Solutions.  It did and excellent job!  All my oil contaminates remained consistently low.  On a couple of occasions certain contaminants began to climb.  Both times my oil analysis company identified the failing parts correctly and I made the repairs for minimal cost, on my terms and in my shop.  The combination of the FS2500 and oil sampling saved me thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance on 1 truck.

I parked my truck for 1 year while I was deployed to the middle east with the Indiana Army National Guard.  When I returned I prepared to put my truck back on the road.  I was introduced to the AmsOil BMK30.  I was enticed by the spin on filter and the 20,000 miles between filter changes.  Believing the AmsOil BMK30 was the way to go, I elected to replace the Filtration Solutions FS2500 with the AmsOil BMK30.  It didn't take long for me to discover I had made a terrible mistake.  With the AmsOil BMK30 all my metal contaminants began to increase.  While using the AmsOil BMK30 the metal containments in my engine the far exceeded any level of containments I had experienced with the Filtration Solutions FS2500.  I removed the AmsOil BMK30 and put the Filtration Solutions FS2500 back on my truck.  The results were immediate.  My contaminant levels dropped and returned to the same low levels I had enjoyed from the first time I installed the Filtration Solutions FS2500.

While using the AmsOil BMK30 I discovered significant differences between it and the FS2500 I had not considered before making the change.

  1. The compact size of the FS2500 allows you more mounting options and easier access for filter changes.

  2. The FS2500 with a drain valve is easy to drain the oil out before removing the filter.  The AmsOil BMK30 requires a hammer and punch to drain the oil before you remove the filter.

  3. Changing the Oil By-Pass filter using the FS2500 is a far cleaner than any spin on filter... especially while on the road.

  4. When sampling your oil every 10,000 miles instead of every 20,000 miles you are far more likely to identify engine issues and repair them before they become an expensive repair or potentially an unaffordable break down on the road.

  5. The FS2500 doesn't cost a single penny more and provides the very best protection for any diesel engine.

The FS2500 filter element holds a nominal 1 quart.  The AmsOil EABP120-EA replacement filter holds an unnecessary and expensive 1 gallon of oil.

FS2500                                                                  AmsOil

Filter Element $32.95                                       EABP120-EA $45.80

Shell Rotella T6 $5.50 (1 quart)                     Shell Rotella T6 $21.99 (1 gallon)

Total Cost $38.45 or 004cpm                         Total Cost $67.79 or 004cpm


I will never make the mistake again of trying a different oil By-Pass filter.  I am a Filtration Solutions customer for life.  I would encourage all truck owners to give very serious consideration to purchasing the Filtration Solutions FS2500.  For maximum results and profitability always perform regular oil testing.  It will lower your maintenance costs and reduce breakdowns while extending the life of your equipment.

Posted by Joel on May 31, 2018