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How to get an FMCSA Operating Authority

Deciding to get your own FMCSA operating authority and DOT number is a big step. Most use agents to help them get started. Unfortunately they cost a lot of money. I’m going to share with you all the different regulating agencies and how to contact them. By doing so, I’m giving you the ability to […]

Avoid the FMCSA ELD Mandate

Like most everyone else who owns a truck, I have no desire to use an FMCSA mandated ELD. I was surprised to discover that not everyone will be required to use an ELD. There are a few exceptions to the ELD mandate. For over the road truck owners, there is only 1 possible exemption to […]

Meeting Potential New Customers

I received an email from a reader who asked some great questions for meeting potential new customers. He wrote… “I have had my authority now for about 6 months and have been solely using brokers.  As you have already stated, the profit margins are very low and I feel the need to acquire my own […]

Trucking Customers – Vital for Truck Owners

What is trucking? Getting your customers (trucking customers that is) product to market so they can succeed and in turn make you successful. Welcome the responsibility your customer has entrusted you with… their success! That responsibility should never be taken lightly.  If you do it could jeopardize your own business. More importantly, realize the wonderful […]

How to be Profitable Owning a Truck

David sent me a message that is all to common for new truck owners. His concern is how to be profitable owning a truck. “How did you manage to make a profit? It seems as though I find loads but they are so underpaid that it feels I’m only making money to cover the fuel. […]

Lease Purchase – What You Need to Know

“Lease Purchase” programs sound very appealing to a driver who wants to own his truck. Most carriers that provide “Lease Purchase” programs sweeten the offer even more by making guarantees that seem to mirror those of a true “Independent Owner Operator” (those who own their truck and operate with the own FMCSA issued operating authority). […]

Trucking – Never Been Better!

There has never been a better time to own a truck and operate your own authority! Most truck owners would strongly disagree with me. Most all of my detractors would cite the high cost of fuel, the ever increasing maintenance costs and most of all the ELD mandate. Lets start with the biggest obstacle to […]

Planning for a Negative Economy

Planing for negative economic swings is a must for all truck owners. There are plenty of warning signs that have been detailed recently by several economists and business publications such as,, Bloomberg and Fox Business that indicate our economy is beginning to slow. That means less freight transportation opportunities for non-essential items. Products […]

Make a Business Plan

Always make a business plan and write the plan yourself, from the first word to the last. In the early 2000’s I received one of my most valuable business lessons. During a business meeting I had dressed in nice slacks, shirt and tie and was armed with several copies of my formal business plan anticipating […]

Create a Simple Business Model Part-2

After reading Create a Simple Business Model (part 1) you’re probably ready to start creating your own business model. Before you start, there is more to learn about a trucking business model. Surprising to most new truck owners establishing your base rate is not what you will want to include on a contract for a […]

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