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Yes, I created TruckBytes - Free Trucking Software. So admittedly I'm biased when it comes to trucking software. When I first began my own trucking business I needed and was looking for simple, easy to use trucking software. After purchasing and/or using several different trucking software programs I quickly realized that my idea of simple and easy to use was much different than the companies developing trucking software. Therefore only one option was left. Develop my own trucking software. With the help of 2 amazing friends and business partners we created TruckBytes.

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TruckBytes is the only Free Trucking Software that we know of to...

Our one time data entry process reduces your time on the computer and doing paperwork allowing you to more quickly and easily pay all your quarterly taxes. For only $15.00 a month (details apply) TruckBytes will...

Here are two TruckBytes testimonials.

"I tried doing my IFTA taxes on my own using a spreadsheet the first quarter I had to file. What a headache-too many spreadsheets and too many calculations. Then I found TruckBytes through a website for truckers. I looked at several demos, but to me TruckBytes is the only one that made sense. It does what I need it to do in a simple manner. And when I have a situation I don't understand, I get help immediately. No waiting for days when I need an answer now. To me, TruckBytes is the best program out there." Jackie, from Tennessee.

"After using numerous programs, finding one to fit our truck driver needs was almost impossible. I was so frustrated until my husband gave me Joel Baker's phone number. I spoke with Joel and he helped me get acquainted with a program made specifically for truck drivers called TruckBytes. I am so happy about this program that I want to tell the world. TruckBytes fits all of our book keeping needs and just one phone call away for tech support. TruckBytes program is truly a lifesaver for truckers. I am thoroughly convinced. Thank you Joel for creating TruckBytes." Jenise, from Colorado.

Posted by Tony on Jun 28, 2015